5th Wheel Motorcycle Carrier Lift

Hydraulic Motorcycle lift


Hydralift's Specialty Built Motorcycle Lift for a 5th Wheel  

Hydralift has worked together with 5th wheel chassis manufacturers to develop a specially designed motorcycle lift exclusive for the 5th wheel chassis.  Hydralift uses a one piece welded body that is strong but lightweight utilizing a tube frame design that is powered by 12v operating our new generation hydraulics.  Hydralift's design along with its hydraulic system not only provides you with the most powerful power-lift but Hydralift is also the lightest power-lift on the market!  

Hydralift's 5th wheel lift is designed to fit chassis between 32"- 88' wide.  With most 5th wheel lift installs a frame reinforcement is necessary  along with the proper recommended pin box (Demco's Glide Ride or MOR/Ryde's pin box or equivalent).   The Hydralift 5th wheel motorcycle lift can be mounted on some, not all 5th wheel trailers.  Every 5th wheel application is a custom fit application. The Hydralift's lifting capacity is restricted to the 5th wheel's GVWR as to the available chassis carrying capacity. For further information contact your Hydralift installing dealer.

If you are in the market for a new 5th wheel, request a Hydralift 5th wheel motorcycle lift from your RV dealer as an option on your new 5th wheel purchase.  

Hydralift recommends the following 5th wheel manufacturers for a preinstalled Hydralift 5th wheel lift on your next new 5th wheel:

 EXCEL 5th Wheels  -  New Horizon  RV  

Sample of added third axle

Hydraulic Motorcycle lift

Some 5th wheels may have an excessive rear overhang that would prevent the addition of a rear motorcycle lift.  On the install to the left this installer added a third axle reducing the rear overhang to less then 10'. 

A third axle was added behind the OEM equipped dual axle fig A & B below. 


 These photos were provided by
Vision AutoMart  KS

Hydraulic Motorcycle lift

 There's nothing like a Hydralift!

Hydraulic Motorcycle lift


Recommend Pin Boxes

Hydralift recommends a mechanical pin box when installing a Hydralift on a 5th wheel.  These pin boxes are proven to greatly reduce 5th wheel chucking as well as smooth out the harsh start and stop action.  These type of pin boxes help to provide a more stable ride for your motorcycle and the Hydralift.  Ask your local RV parts store for further information. 


Our Hydralift was a great purchase and as we found out made loading the Harley much easier to load and unload. The Hydralift is easy to use and it works really well. T he dealer was great putting it on and answered all the questions we had. I would recommend a Hydralift motorcycle lift to anyone and we have had quite a few positive comments on the lift.

Dave H, ,


I have hauled my 2001 Goldwing on the Hydralift behind my 2001 Dutch Star for several thousand miles so far with no problems. I can load and unload the bike solo (probably one of the most important features to me.) Tie-down is easy and the easy roll on and roll off at ground level is great. Additionally Hydralift being a self contained lift and the automatic locking system are a few more of the great benefits of the Hydralift motorcycle lift. Thank you,

Ed P., Texas, 2001 Dutch Star by Newmar