Hydralift USA - Installaton

Installation and Ground Clearance

Hydralift RV Motorcycle Lift mounting saddles are installed from under the body then up to maximum ground clearance height.Installing a Hydralift

Hydralift's 5th wheel motorcycle carrier lift is designed to fit 5th wheel chassis between 32"- 88' wide.  Installing a Hydralift on most 5th wheels a frame reinforcement is necessary  along with the proper recommended pin box (Demco's Glide Ride or MOR/Ryde's pin box or equivalent).   The Hydralift 5th wheel motorcycle lift can be mounted on some, not all 5th wheel trailers.  Every 5th wheel motorcycle carrier application is a custom fit application to that chassis and box. The Hydralift's lifting capacity is restricted to the 5th wheel's GVWR as to the available chassis carrying capacity (this is your gross vehicle weight rating less the actual loaded weight). For further information contact your Hydralift installing dealer.

Because of the unique patented design and custom mounting saddle brackets in addition to Hydralift's light expensed weight  the Hydralift RV mounted motorcycle carrier lift the lift can be installed on many RV's that other power-lifts can not be installed on.   is much lighter than any other power-lift and can be installed in many different ways to satisfy your own particular installation without compromising valuable ground clearance.



The Hydralift RV Motorcycle Lift mounting saddle installed thru the fiberglass body.

Hydralift Saddle Brackets 

The Hydralift frame mounted saddle brackets provide the strongest and most stable install over any other type of installing system.  The Hydralift saddle brackets are made to clamp around the Hydralift frame body using eight  9/16" grade 8 bolts.  Unlike a trailer hitch receiver this system reduces the chance of receiver movement this means your motorcycle travels much more stable behind your coach. 

Once the saddle brackets are installed the RV mounted motorcycle carrier lift is placed on the now installed Hydralift frame saddles and the Hydralift is then bolted into place.

If you wish to remove your Hydralift it is a snap with Hydralift's easy to use installation saddles, you simply lower the RV mounted motorcycle lift to the ground then remove the 4 bolts to each of the two mounting saddles and drive the RV away*.

Sample of added third axle

Hydraulic Motorcycle lift

Some 5th wheels may have an excessive rear overhang that would prevent the addition of a rear motorcycle lift.  On the install to the left this installer added a third axle reducing the rear overhang to less then 10'. 

A third axle was added behind the OEM equipped dual axle fig A & B below. 


 These photos were provided by
Vision AutoMart  KS

Hydraulic Motorcycle lift

 There's nothing like a Hydralift!

Hydraulic Motorcycle lift


Recommend Pin Boxes

Hydralift recommends a mechanical pin box when installing a Hydralift on a 5th wheel.  These pin boxes are proven to greatly reduce 5th wheel chucking as well as smooth out the harsh start and stop action.  These type of pin boxes help to provide a more stable ride for your motorcycle and the Hydralift.  Ask your local RV parts store for further information.