Towing with the Hydralift Motorcycle Lift

Alpha See Ya Motorhome with a Hydralift RV Motorcycle Lift Carrying a  Harley Towing Chevy SUVTowing:

Because of the Hydralift RV motorcycle lifts unique patented design, Hydralift is the only RV mounted motorcycle lift that tows from the RV’s frame and not from the back of a ramp or platform, without the use of lengthily extensions.

The Hydralift Motorcycle Lift for RV's is mounted with our frame saddle brackets that are the strongest frame attachment for a power-lift on the market.  This system provides a strong and stable mounting for your RV, motorcycle and tow car.  The Hydralift frame saddle brackets also allow easy removal if you ever wish to remove the Hydralift for any reason.   



Towing Capacity

The Hydralift Motorcycle Lift for RV's installs directly to the RV's chassis frame with the Hydralift frame saddle brackets that are included with every Hydralift Motorcycle Lift.  Hydralift installs directly to the chassis frame this is different than installing a power-lift like a trailer hitch ball mount that allows up and down movement. The Hydralift Motorcycle Lift provides towing directly from the RV’s frame this assures you a more safe and stable ride for your motorcycle and you will have a higher towing capacity over other types of motorcycle lifts.

With the Hydralift RV motorcycle lift, your RV has a towing capacities to 8,000 lbs and provides for tongue weights to 500 lbs. These weights are only limited by your own RV’s chassis specifications.


Holliday Rambler with a Hydralift RV Motorcycle Lift Carrying a  Harley Towing a Chevy SUVCarry Your Bike, Tow Your Car

With the Hydralift RV mounted motorcycle lift you can carry your motorcycle, ATV or other toys and tow your vehicle flat (tow bar or tow dolly).  

Hydralift also allows for towing the larger trailers without having to remove the Hydralift  by simply folding the Hydralift to the rear of the RV you have access to the Class III trailer hitch receiver without interference to the Hydralift motorcycle lift's platform.  

Hydralift RV motorcycle lift can be used to tow a car hauler, toy box, boat or utility trailer without removal of the lift.


Monaco with a Hydralift RV Motorcycle Lift Carrying a  Golf Cart Towing a Jeep


Hey thought you might enjoy the photos of my bike and Hydralift. After I installed the Hydralift I took a trip to get out of the cold to McAllen Texas. Riding my Harley everyday in 80 degree comfort. Love the Hydralift it works awesome and the chopper just fits, somewhat its 105 inches long so I had to squeeze it on and with a 250 wide rear tire, Love it. I am now heading to Daytona for Speed Weeks.

Bruce C., East Coast , Atruim motorhome by Gulfstream


I first saw a Hydralift on a motor home driving down the freeway, I was so excited I chased down the RV and owner pulling him over to ask about the his motorcycle lift then apologized for interrupting his travel he replied "No problem it happens all the time". The minute I saw the Hydralift for motor cycles, I new it was just what I needed to lift and transport my 1000 lb 2004 Goldwing. The shear power to lift and protect my investment has been unbelievable. I have traveled from California to Cape Cod, Massachusetts and twice over the Alaska Highway. Hydralift has surely passed the test. You do have a have a superior product.

Ron H., ,